The IODP-workshop "Scientific Drilling in the South Atlantic" will present the recent knowledge on the evolution of the South Atlantic crust (SAC) and mantle. The Rio Grande Rise (RGR) as part of the SAC is of special geological and technological interest. New scientific research and seismic data will be presented and the interpretation discussed. Based on the presentations an International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) proposal to drill the SAC with particular focus on the RGR, Walvis Ridge (WR), and surrounding areas will be prepared following the workshop. The workshop is open for public, senior scientists, postdocs, Ph. D., master, and bachelor students. Important goals of the lectures and presentations are:
  • Homogenization of geoscientific knowledge on the evolution of the SAC, mantle and the RGR as well as on the existing drilling technology and drilling infrastructure.
  • Identifying technological requirements that need to be developed for addressing the scientific objectives.
  • Identifying working groups or individuals who will lead the development of concrete drilling proposals including Postdocs, Ph.D., master and bachelor students.
  • Teaching and informing non geoscientist by opening the workshop to the public and presenting a public evening lecture on the evolution of the SAC and mantle and the RGR.
The workshop shall bring together scientists from the entire spectrum of disciplines interested in drilling targets in the South Atlantic. The RGR and WR were already pre-selected as primary drilling targets because a strong interest from the petrological, igneous geochemical, geophysical, geodynamic, and petroleum communities in drilling these paired large igneous provinces exists. Finally, the recognition of joint international IODP research to the Brazilian society is of great importance.
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