IODP-workshop "Scientific Drilling in the South Atlantic"
02. 04. 2014 - 05. 04. 2014
Rio de Janeiro

Photo provided by the USIO (Credit: Bill Crawford)

The IODP-workshop "Scientific Drilling in the South Atlantic" will present the recent knowledge on the evolution of the South Atlantic crust (SAC) and mantle. The Rio Grande Rise (RGR) as part of the SAC is of special geological and technological interest. New scientific research and seismic data will be presented and the interpretation discussed. Based on the presentations an International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) proposal to drill the SAC with particular focus on the RGR, Walvis Ridge (WR), and surrounding areas will be prepared following the workshop. The workshop is open for public, scientists, and students.


Prof. Dr. Roberto Ventura
(CPRM - Geological Survey of Brazil)

Prof. Dr. Ulrich A. Glasmacher
(Inst. of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University)

Prof. Dr. Peter C. Hackspacher
(UNESP, Inst. Marine Sciences)

Adriano Viana

© Matthias Meurer
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