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Xuran Zuo

Curriculum Vitae







University of Heidelberg
Institute of Earth Sciences
Office 410
Im Neuenheimer Feld 234
D-69120 Heidelberg / Germany



2007 - 2009

Bachelor Degree in Geosciendes and environment, Université Lille 1 - USTL, France


2009 - 2010

Master Degree in Lithosphere, Basin, Petroleum, ISTeP, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, France


2011 -

PhD student, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Bachelor - thesis:
Analogue modeling of negative tectonic inversion: From thrust front to sedimentary basin


Master - thesis:
Analogue and thermo-mechanical numerical modeling of obduction



Since 12.12
Member of Thermochronology and Archaeometry Group
Institute of Earth Sciences
apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrich A. Glasmacher



01.12 - 04.12
Fieldtrip in Geological Heritage of Hong Kong (freshmen)


09.11 - 12.11
Tutorial/Fieldtrip in Introduction to Physical Geology (freshmen)


01.11 - 05.11
Tutorial in Geophysics (year-3 students)


Current Projects

  • Tectonic evolution of South China during Late Cretaceous - Early Cenozoic


  • Zuo X., Chan L.S., Pubellier M., 2012. Ridge subduction as mechanism for initiation of rifting in South China: Implications from numerical modeling results. Poster, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 3 - 7 December 2012.

  • Zuo X., Chan L.S., 2012. Numerical modeling of temporal sequence of fault development in the Cathaysian Block during the Late-Mesozoic crustal extension. Oral presentation, 34th International Geologcial Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 5 - 10 August 2012.

  • Agard P., Zuo X., Funiciello F., Bellahsen N., Faccenna C., Savva D., 2012. Obduction processes: insights from analogue modeling. Poster, European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 22 - 27 April 2012.

  • Pubellier M., Zuo X., de Sigoyer J., Robert A. and Sapin F., 2010. Coeval Tibet uplift and shortening of SE Asia Basins. Poster, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 13 - 17 December 2010.

  • Ouzgaït M. , Averbuch O. , Vendeville B. C., Zuo X. and Minguely B., 2010. The negative tectonic inversion process: insights from seismic sections along the northern France Variscan thrust front and analogue modeling experiments. Expanded abstract, GeoMod Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 27 - 29 September 2010, 4 pages. 

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