University of Heidelberg

Research Projects

DAAD scholarships and projects

  • UniBral
  • ProBral
    • CAPES-Stipendium zum Studium am Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Heidelberg
      contact: apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrich A. Glasmacher; Dr. Friederike U. Bauer (Heidelberg, Germany)
      Prof. Dr. P. Hackspacher
  • DRC
    • Short-term Research Stay and Study Visit for University Academics and Scientists: Research scholarship for Prof. Dr. V.S. Mambo from Rwenzori State University in Butembo, D.R. Congo: “Geochemistry of Precambrian rocks and synrift sediments from the Albertine Rift, Democratic Republic of Congo”, starting in November 2011.
  • Egypt
    • GERLS scholarship (German Egyptian Research Longterm Scholarship): Stipendium zur Promotion in Deutschland für Sherif Elshahat Elsayed Mansour aus Ägypten, ab April 2012.
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